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Want to find an efficient and convenient way to bank services? Do you value time and personal comfort? Then contact Tinkoff Bank – one of the most modern and practical banks in Russia with a full range of financial services. Tinkoff Bank is the most progressive bank whose main specialization is credit and debit cards, which have been recognized as the best on the banking market many times, as well as the bank itself.

The main advantage of the bank is that it does not have branches. This will keep rates below the market. In addition, you will not encounter queues. All applications are processed online, and the courier will deliver the card from 1 to 7 days to any place.

Tinkoff Bank is very loyal to its customers, so there is a relatively low failure rate.

Registration of a consumer loan in Tinkoff Bank

Make a request and get up to 2 000 000 ₽ without information and a visit to the bank.

  • Up to 2 000 000 ₽ without references and guarantors
  • Partial early repayment – at any time by phone
  • Free top-up at more than 300,000 points in Russia
  • Loan interest rate of 12%

Although the bank does not issue cash on hand. But you will be brought a debit card with an approved credit, and you can get cash at any ATM in the world, without fees and interest.

To issue a consumer loan in Tinkoff Bank →

Registration of a credit card in Tinkoff Bank

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The main advantage of the card, in addition to the low interest rate, is the ability to use a card with a 120-day interest-free period.

Tinkoff Credit Card Terms

Tinkoff Credit Card Terms

  • Loan amount up to 300 000 rubles
  • Interest rate from 12.9% per annum
  • We return up to 30% points with any purchase
  • Free registration of the card

Additional benefits will be:

Additional benefits will be:

  • Cheap service. The cost of annual maintenance of the card is only 590 ₽
  • Free refill. More than 300,000 points of replenishment through our partners
  • Free shipping. Delivery of the card at any place and time anywhere in the country

You can learn about the decision of the bank immediately after filling out the application.

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Tinkoff Bank – the distance that brings together

Tinkoff Bank - the distance that brings together

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The main and rather distinctive feature of Tinkoff Bank is remote communication and work with clients. This is the policy of the bank, which abandoned its own branches, however, it perfectly serves clients in all cities of the Russian Federation. All that needs to be done is to find access to the Internet or put “Mobile Tinkoff” on a smartphone. You can conduct any banking operations without leaving your home! And to get, for example, a credit card or to sign the necessary papers – Tinkoff Bank will take care of the free delivery of documents by courier at any convenient time and place, or send a valuable package by mail.

Agree, comfortable! No need to run anywhere and defend the queue. Fast, comfortable service for each client.

Tinkoff Bank Offers

Debit and Credit Cards

Debit and Credit Cards

Tinkoff Bank thinks about the tastes and topics of interest of its customers. Therefore, the choice of credit and debit cards is so wide. Plastic is available for free. You select a card for any category of purchases on the most favorable conditions. There is even a special offer for minors from the age of 14.

Advantages of Tinkoff Credit Cards:

  • Convenience to make purchases in installments;
  • Many bonus programs and discounts;
  • Large credit limits;
  • The ability to pay by card in any country;
  • Grace period up to 55 days for any purchases.

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Advantages of Tinkoff Debit Cards:

  • Favorable tariffs and programs;
  • The convenience of use;
  • The ability to earn money up to 6% per annum on the card balance;
  • Making purchases – get some money back;
  • A lot of possibilities. For example, with a child’s card, locate the child;

Make a debit card →

Just a few simple steps to get a map:

  1. We are submitting an online application or calling the organization’s hotline;
  2. In the case of a positive response from the bank, the special representative will agree with you about the place and time of the meeting to sign the contract and obtain plastic.

Consumer loan

Consumer loan

Tinkoff Bank’s rather loyal requirements for customers wishing to issue a cash consumer loan:

  • Age from 18 years
  • Russian citizenship
  • Registration in the city of the loan
  • You must specify the passport and contact details, SNILS, place of work, information about the employer.

Get cash loan →

The bank accepts online applications for the provision of consumer loans. After processing and clarifying information, contact you to transfer the card with the desired amount.



Tinkoff Bank is the purchase of housing on the most favorable terms!

  • Mortgage registration online;
  • Quick consideration of the application;
  • Finished mortgage programs;
  • Drawing up an individual mortgage program;
  • Low interest rate (from 6%).

Full list of mortgage programs – on the official website of Tinkoff Bank. →

Before you make an application for a mortgage, we recommend reading our articles: how to correctly calculate the mortgage and mortgage under the parent capital .



The bank has created attractive conditions for deposits in rubles and currency (Euro, US dollars):

  • High interest rate (up to 7.22%) with a minimum deposit amount – from 50,000 rubles;
  • Deposit replenished with monthly capitalization;
  • Encourage customers for long periods of investment;
  • Partial withdrawals without the mandatory closure of the deposit;
  • Online deposit management;
  • Opening a deposit via the Internet is free of charge;
  • Maximum security of investment.


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